NEXO ID24T hangfal bérlés
Létrehozva: 2020-10-22 / Módosítva: 2020-10-22
NEXO ID24T hangfal bérlés   (ID: )
Monitor hangsugárzó, Kiegészítő / Fill , Top / magassugárzó hangfal
6000 HUF
Vízálló Polyurethane
Country of origin:

Nexo ID24T


309mm wide, 132mm high and 233mm front to back, the ID24t is a compact full range speaker using twin 4 inch drivers in a V formation plus an HF compression driver with rotatable horn. The horn can be rotated easily without the need for tools by a ‘screw head’ on the rear panel to give 60° x 60°, 90° x 40°, 120° x 40°, 120° x 60° (according to horns) HF coverage with the standard horn fitted. This increases the flexibility of the cabinet by allowing the HF horizontal dispersion to be ‘tuned’ for the given application. Primed for all touring applications, the ID24t (touring spec) features Speakon connectors and quick release rigging points for easy mounting – horizontally or vertically.



Compact, high-powered sound reinforcement speaker

Measures just 309mm W x 132mm H x 233mm D

Rotatable horn for 60° x 60°, 90° x 40°, 120° x 40° or 120° x 60° HF coverage (according to horns)

dedicated Touring version with Speakon connectivity and rigging points